Sunday, July 31, 2011

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Part4

1. To modify a called external action, you may or may not open the test with which the action is stored and make your modifications there.

A) True
B) False

2. Input values for an action parameter in QTP can be retrieved from any of the following:

A) the test (for a top-level action)
B) the parameters of the parent action that calls it (for a nested action)
C) the VBScript Engine
D) the output of a previous action call (for a sibling action)

3. Action parameters in Quicktest enable you

A) to transfer input values from your test to a top-level action,
B) to transfer input values from a parent action to a nested action,
C) to transfer input values from an action to a sibling action that occurs later in the test.
D) to transfer output values from a step in an action to its parent action,
E) to transfer output values from a top-level action back to the script or application that ran (called) your test.

4. The actual value specified for an input action parameter and the location specified for action output parameter cannot be different for each call to the action.

A) True
B) False

5. You can share a value that is generated in one action with other actions in your test by storing the value in the global data table. Other actions can then use the value in the data table as an ..... parameter.

A) input
B) output
C) both
D) none

6. As an alternative to using environment variables to share values between actions, you can use the Dictionary object.

A) True
B) False

7. An action call in the Expert View of QTP can define

A) the action iterations,
B) inputparameter values,
C) output parameter storage locations,
D) an action return values.
E) Both A & B

8. An action call with parameters has the following syntax:

A) RunAction ActionCall, IterationQuantity, Parameters
B) RunAction ActionName, IterationQuantity, Parameters, Time
C) RunAction ActionName, IterationQuantity, Parameters,
D) RunAction ActionName, IterationQuality, Parameters

9. If you expect other users to open your tests and all actions in your tests are stored in the same drive, you should use ....... paths for your reusable actions so that other users will be able to open your tests even if they have mapped their network drives differently.

A) Relative
B) Absolute
C) Any
D) None

10. If a test contains a call to an action from another test, and that other test
was renamed in Quality Center, the original test name still appears (in
square brackets) in the Test Flow pane.

A) True
B) False


1)b, 2)a,b,d 3) a,b,c,d,e 4) b, 5)a, 6) a, 7)a,b,c,d 8) c 9)a, 10) a

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