Saturday, June 9, 2012

QTP Firefox support QTPWEB_00090 Patch

Great news for QTP testing community. HP has released a big patch QTPWEB_00090.exe for Quicktest Professional. Using this patch, QTP now supports Firefox versions 4,5,6,7,8 for testing web based applications. Installing this patch also provides support for patches QTPWEB_00063 and QTPWEB_00088.

QTP11 Chrome Support QTPWEB_00102 Patch

Hello QTP testing Friends. A new patch for testing Google Chrome 19 has arrived to enable testing web based applications. The QTP patch name is QTPWEB_00102.

How to download QTP 11 patch QTPWEB_00102 for Google Chrome 19

In order to get the QTPWEB_00102 patch, you can get it from HP support. Also, there is a patch dependency. For this patch to work successfully, you need to install the Firefox patch QTPWEB_00090 which includes support content from QTPWEB_00088 'Support for Running Steps in Google Chrome'.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

QTP11 Internet Explorer 9 Support

I am currently working on a QTP project where we are required to run our regression suite on different browser configurations to make sure everything runs fine.

The very new requirement that came up to us was to check if the same application runs fine in IE9 as well. Initially, I was a bit disappointed as QTP didnt support Internet Explorer 9. However, my disappointment didnt last long as HP has finally released a patch QTPWEB_00078 for testing web applications in IE 9.

Using QTP patch QTPWEB_00078, you can test your web application on Internet Explorer 9 on any operating system as long as the Operating system is supported by the QTP11.