Thursday, January 5, 2012

QTP11 Support for Google Chrome

The wait has finally over. QTP 11 now supports Google Chrome. Google Chrome was released in March 2008 and after stuggling a bit initially, now it enjoys a very healthy market share amongst other browsers. With Google chrome reaching near to 25% market share according to stats from Statcounter, HP people were forced to provide chrome support for HP QTP 11.

For that, we need to install HP Patch QTPWEB_00088. But it comes with few limitations too.

  • QTP can not record on Google Chrome. It can only play back scripts in Chrome, a big limitation.
  • Support for multiple tabs is not available unlike in IE or firefox.
  • Few methods like Browser.Home, Browser.FullScreen, Browser.ClearCache and Browser.Object are not supported in Google Chrome.
  • Few environments: SAP Web, Siebel, Java,.NET WebForms are not supported on Google Chrome browser with QTP 11.
You can download this QTP patch from here: Link