Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Software Automation Testing Benefits

Software Test Automation is the use of software to execute the tests. Test Automation involves automating manual execution of test cases for enhancing speed and reliability.

Automation Testing is nothing but simulation of Manual Actions. Automation testing includes an additional activity of writing test scripts after Test case Development.

1. Saves time during the test execution: The execution of an automation test case( test script) is faster compared to the manual execution of a test case.

2. Execution of tests in un-attended mode: Once the entire automation suite( the automated test cases of the manual test case suite) is ready for the execution, the automation suite can be executed in an un-attended mode( human attendance is not required for the entire execution), if the framework is designed in such a way. You can use the human brain for better innovative testing to improve the productivity of the overall testing process.

3. Consistency of test execution: When you execute manual regression suite several times, it is a general human tendency that we get bored of executing the same test cases time and again and because of which we may miss to execute one or many steps which may finally lead to an undetected bug!!! But, if you execute the automation suite, may be for 1 time or 100 times, it executes with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Reducing cycle time of regression test cycles.

5. Data Driven Testing: This feature helps to parameterize the data in the script. This helps to get rid of hard coding of the values required for the test. Also, this feature helps in the concept of Retesting i.e, re-execution of the test/functionality with multiple sets of input data.

6. Coverage: Test coverage can be increased with the help of Automation. In real-time, testers have very less time to test n number of features. This makes the testers limit their scope in testing the application/products by determining the priority of the feature/functionality to be tested. But, that limitation can be overcome to a great extent with the help of automation.

With the above benefits of automation, automation has actually become a part of the entire life project life cycle and more importantly Automation life cycle has become an important subset of the entire Test life cycle. To reap good benefits from Test Automation to the entire project, you need to have good planning and coordination from the Development team, Manual Testing team and the Automation team.